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    Default On Target Season 25

    What do you think of the novelisations of Season 25?

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    My main memory of these is the gorgeous AP covers, with the less & less subtle 'spot the initials' competition - I especially liked the way he worked them into the cover of Greatest Show.

    As for the books... Remembrance was, and is, extraordinary, and probably a pre-NA New Adventure in terms of style. It's the same story as on TV, but with a great deal more richness and depth and subtext.

    Happiness Patrol, from memory, is well-written and pretty faithful to the TV... except we get the original idea of the Kandyman, which was more man than Kandy I guess.

    Silver Nemesis I remember really enjoying, with various changes to the TV especially the 'Ace v Cybermen' fight, which now takes place at night on a part-finished building site. But since then I've read so many bad reviews of the book, up to and including the author admitting he struggled through it only for the money, that I'm always reluctant to try it again.

    And Greatest Show is OK but nothing special, it tells the story pretty well but doesn't take the opportunity to add anything to the whole 'Gods of Ragnarok' element, or their previous battles with the Doctor. So a bit of a disappointment really.

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