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    Default Coming soon ...It's

    Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I'm not trawling through 192 threads !

    One of my favourite DVD features is the Coming Soon slot .. the mini trailers for the next story to be released on DVD (I know, I live a sad life).

    I like them because they are sometimes quite imaginative, and for some stories they make them look far more exciting than the real thing. The Company obviously like them because they put them on YouTube too.

    There's too many for a poll, and obviously every story hasn't had the benefit of beng previewed, but what I'd like to know is

    a) Which is your favourite Coming Soon and why ?
    b) Which one do you think does the best job of selling its story ?

    or c) Are you shaking your head at me in pity, because you never look at them or consider them complete pap ?

    Your answers.....Coming Soooooon !! (I hope )
    Bazinga !

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    I agree, they are a real treat and a great feature of the DVDs. The only issue I have with them was that for a long time, they did this thing where they'd fade to black between cuts. I found that incredibly annoying, it was like they were trying to recreate the effect of blinking or something.

    Now, DVD Menu loops, there's a topic I can really get behind!
    "Something funny? I swear they're slowing down!"
    "Tisn't me, tisn't me, it's an illoooosion!"
    Pity. I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. EXTERMINATE!

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    They make me smile - amazing how they manage to make even the dodderiest stories look at least fairly decent.

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    I like them and funnily enough they're usually the first thing I watch on a new DVD, given their brevity! Though as I'm so far behind with DVDs anyway, I've usually already seen them online!

    I can't think of any favourites offhand but generally like the ones mixing more than one story, i.e. the boxsets.

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    I think the best one, or at least the one I liked best was for Revisitations 2, which was very well put together and great fun.

    I've just got my handcuffs and my truncheon and that's enough.

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