Given that Mel had more adventures with Doctor No.7, this leaves the 6th Doctor with only one person in the entire Universe who would be prepared to get into a TARDIS with him and that's Peri 'Purpleluggium' Brown.

But wait! The years have been kind to old Sixie. He's been blessed with at least one or two extra companions to help him on his adventures. Most of these have been courtesy of Big Finish, who have seen fit to dump / ennoble him with various cast-offs from other series. Not least of which are Henry Gordon Jago and Professor Henry Gordon Litefoot from The Talons of Weng Chiang. Adorably, these are played by the original actors, Henry Gordon Christopher Benjamin and Henry Gordon Trevor Baxter. There's even the delightful Philippa 'Flip' Jackson, the very first companion to be named after a rude gesture.

In book form he has been joined by Grant Markham, he of the 90's circular glasses fame.

Oh and the wonderful Frobisher and even more wonderful Evelyn Smythe of course.

Which ones do you like best?