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    Hi there

    Yes, I'm new here but have been a fan of the show for many years, and took my passion to the next level with a hobby business called Whovian Jewellery.

    I'm not trying to spam anyone but would appreciate your comments and critique. You, my fellow fans are my market place and word of mouth/social network is my advertising platform.

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    Hi WhovianGirl (or can we call you Annabel? (see I visited your site.)) Welcome to P.S (or the sane corner of Who fandom as I like to think of it). We have a couple of fans here from down under.

    I hope your business goes well, just jump on in on any of the threads, we don't bite...often & I hope to see your thoughts on all things Who in the future.

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    Best of luck with your business and welcome to the forum!