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    Well I've seen it now and.... This may sound odd, but I wish we'd always had part 2 and then found part 3, rather than the other way round. The second part is just that bit 'less' than the third - and has no fish people! Enjoyable, but not bonkers!

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    It's good as a historical document more than anything - you get some nice business with Troughton is the highlight.

    But in every other respect, it's a middle episode of an uninspiring story which is slightly better than Episode 3. There is a bit of film work and some amusing hats. There are no great monsters or scares or great lines of dialogue. it's possibly better than you might expect from this story, but only slightly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew Curnow View Post
    Enjoyable, but not bonkers!
    The reverse of me then...

    My memory of the soundtrack CD was that it was fairly enjoyable all-round, but suffered, as a number of 4-parters do, from a weak third episode - a very weak third episode, best enjoyed if you have a certain sense of humour!

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