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    Default Steve Moore has died

    Legendary comic book writer Steve Moore has passed away this week. Those not big comic book readers will probably still know his work from Doctor Who weekly, as he created Absalom Daak among other characters.

    As well as UK Marvel, 2000AD and other works, he was a major contributor to what I consider the greatest British comic book ever, Warrior. Father Shandor, Axel Pressbutton and the wonderful Zirk featured among others.

    His importance in UK comics can't really be understated it was Steve who taught Alan Moore how to write comics way back when they collaborated on Sounds magazine (as Pedro Henry and Curt Vile).

    He pretty much retired from comics three or four years ago, but he penned some great stories over the decades, and worked alongside some of the greatest talents around.

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    Steve Moore was a very prolific and talented writer. I'm sorry to hear this, I didn't know he was ill, and he wasn't particularly old...although probably into his 60s by now

    As Mike says, he was a major contributor to the excellent Warrior. He wrote Axel Pressbutton under the pseudonym Pedro Henry, updating an old character of his from the Sounds music paper several years earlier. Father Shandor-Demon Stalker, Prestor John and Twilight World were favourites of mine there. He was also involved in 2000AD almost from the beginning through until recent years writing for Dan Dare, Judge Dredd, Thargs Future Shocks and others. But it was his work for Marvel Comics which first brought his name to my attention...not only did he write many a tale for Doctor Who Weekly/Monthly but he was the first person to write original British strips featuring major American characters, paving the way for all the future UK-originated material from Marvel. In 1979 when the Hulk eventually got his own comic, editor Dez Skinn decided against simply reprinting material from the American comics, and commissioned original material more in the style of the tv series which was very popular at the time. Stevet got to write for the Hulk and Nick Fury, Agent Of SHIELD while Steve Parkhouse got The Black Knight and Captain Britain, along with the new character Night Raven.

    A legend in the world of British comics. He'll be missed.

    RIP Steve.

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