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    Default Budget 2015

    Oh deary me, it's time for the budget!

    Do tell us what you think about the extra 20p on beers?
    That fuel duty is going up an extra 10p per litre?
    The cap on immigration?
    And that 20 billion has been earmarked for the high rollers?

    And what actually gets announced as well
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    Well I got a brief job with Serco and last week was amazed and delighted that my wage was going to be 7.20. And then the budget gets announced a week later.
    Even by 2020, the 9 isn't going to be enough to buy the inflated everything.
    Removal of Tax Credits is horrible though.

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    I've got a 1% pay rise for the next four years, so in effect a pay cut as inflation will ensure I'm worse off. I'm already starting to notice the pinch more after 3 years of 1% rises on the back of a 3 year pay freeze. With the changes around tax credits and housing benefit being frozen I am going to be right royally screwed.

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    The big NLW announcement is all smoke and mirrors. We need 6ph by next week, not "by 2020".

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    It's not really a Living Wage they've announced though, is it? Regardless of what they're calling it. Is this going to be an enforceable figure...will employers be made to pay this rate to employees? If so, it's really just a rise to the minimum wage...

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