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    Default Paul Daniels has Died

    Magician Paul Daniels has died aged 77, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

    He was at his Berkshire home with wife Debbie McGee when he died in the early hours of Thursday.
    He fronted BBC's Paul Daniels Magic Show for 15 years and became one of the biggest stars on British TV.

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    Sad to hear he's passed.
    He wasn't the greatest comedian, but he was an excellent magician.
    I was doing other things when he did his Halloween death trick. And I'm more annoyed by people saying "You shouldn't like him because he supported X party!" when those idiots are supporting the Y party!
    I like who I like. And everyone else should like who they like. I think they're just looking for easy targets.
    But I'm rambling!
    R.I.P. Paul Daniels and thanks for "Wizbit" as well!

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    If people have "silly" views, that's up to them, as long as they're not dangerously extremist.

    Anyway, it's a shame Paul's magic show was another victim of variety shows becoming too expensive; it was compulsive viewing in my house.

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    Paul Daniels' Magic Show and WizBit were must watch TV when I was growing up. No, he wasn't a great comedian but he was probably the funniest Magician going...may be with the exception of some of the American magicians.

    R.I.P Paul. Thanks for the fun & magic.

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