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    Default Star Trek: Beyond (Movie 13!)

    We went to see the (unlucky) thirteenth movie in the Star Trek franchise on Saturday, Star Trek: Beyond. I was quite apprehensive of this one as I had found Star Trek: Into Darkness to be very annoying. Fortunately they turned up the fun and turned down the irritation - the movie was a bit of a winner!

    I'm especially fond of the ensemble cast. They've done an excellent job of taking these characters in new directions. If it had been a straight remake, it would have been irritating that Spock is a bit too emotional and that Kirk has self-doubt. But the changes to the timeline make it easier for me to accept this.

    I also liked the new guest character Jaylah - and would love to see her as a crewmember in the next film!

    The visuals are first rate. They whizz by a little too quickly for my tastes, but the CG work and design is astounding. I'd love to re-visit the Yorktown in a future film or TV series.

    It's tinged with sadness; both for Leonard Nimoy and the old crew who get a lovely send-off, but even more so for Anton Yelchin who plays Chekov, who died in an accident shortly before the film was released. Chekov actually gets a good showing in this film!

    I'd recommend this for seeing at the cinema if you can. It's fab.
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    I agree. We saw this on Saturday night and felt it was the most "trekkie" of the new movies.
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