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    Is anyone excited about the new Nintendo console? I have to admit I am on the fence myself. Other than Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey I don't see any games that wouldn't be better on another system that I would be interested in. I'm leaning towards getting Zelda on Wii U and waiting to see if the Switch gets a lower price or gets bundled with something around Christmas. On the other hand, the kids are excited about the switch and seem to be interested in a few other games. I'm not sure what to do, but it looks like pre-orders are gone anyway.

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    Computer games are more or less there, aren't they? Graphical enhancements aren't that exciting any more, the Wii represented a breakthrough in interaction technology, VR still seems a long way off despite the huge push it's been getting.

    Basically I don't see what the Switch does that makes it exciting. I don't think it will capture that vital "Candy Crush / Flappy Birds" mobile playing market. But hey it's Nintendo so I might be wrong!
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    This must be the tech story of the year: it seems that the Switch cartridges will taste foul in order to stop you eating one accidentally. I'm assuming they must look like After Eights...

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