Earlier this week a 50 second clip from the first episode leaked.
"Don't look for it, it's not there anymore" as the Spinal Tap Producer/Director character put it.
So this is a "Did you see?" thread. Will put my thoughts in Spoilers but no idea how that will look in the activity stream.
It might not have been an official release but like a thunderstorm after scorching heat it was needed.
My own policy on Jodie is "Well let's wait and see" which after the clip has become "Nothing to worry about. Should be a great Doctor".
Still no idea why The Doctor is now female, might get explained one day.

I found from the clip The Doctor to be as sexless as Classic series Doctors have been. Maybe there might be a romance subplot along the way to fully make my point seem out of the loop, but at the minute we still have a new Doctor. I was expecting manic energy and got something better instead. The WPC character however, on the surface seemed like a female Danny Pink, but that's from 50 seconds. Your mileage might have varied

Fingers crossed however good it'll get the audience is at least there for it this time.