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    Default Writers And Directors Announced

    On the writers side of things I can't say I know any of them, and bar the soaps guy they don't seem to have much tv experience, but hopefully they'll do a good job. And the directors look a pretty decent bunch at least.
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    How lovely! Malorie Blackman wrote the Noughts and Crosses trilogy, which I have heard of. Apart from that I think it's great to have new people on board. Hurrah.
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    Likewise, I'm sure I recognise Malorie Blackman's name but can't see anything listed that I'd have read/seen. But, an interestingly fresh new mix. It's become fashionable to knock JN-T for deliberately wanting to use new writers and new directors in his first series; it'll be interesting to see how Chibnall fares.

    I must say, though, it's beginning to get quite exciting now isn't it - especially when DWM is saying that next month they'll be previewing the first episodes!!

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    You probably thought "Pah! A remake of Prisoner Cell Block H? That'll be riveting television!" but Wentworth has been some of the best TV in years. More so than even The Walking Dead and other American shows.
    So if the new series has an episode with just a tenth of the greatness of Wentworth, then we are in for a cracking episode!

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