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    Default Rate and Discuss S11 Who Years Day: Resolution

    Rate and Discuss: Resolution

    As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is stirring from across the centuries of Earthís history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth?

    And will you be able to overcome your hangover and comment below?
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    Another 7/10 for me, there was quite a lot to like about it but the Ryan and his Dad scenes slowed it down, they made sense to have given the ending but I just wish they'd been better written. Still, the Dalek was fun, Charlotte Ritchie was pretty good, and they actually spent some time in the Tardis for a change so the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.
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    8/10 from me.

    Loved the homemade Dalek and it was a genuine threat for a change. Lot's of action but I would like to see less of the sitting around and talking scenes.

    Definitely one of my favourites in what I have viewed as the poorest series since the show returned.
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    And what would we do without the internet? (Read a book...?)

    I also wish it weren't so "chatty", but then as Alex says, they needed some of the slower bits in order to make some sense out of the ending. Also, the story was very similar to I Am A Dalek by Gareth Roberts. Still, the Dalek was actually threatening, and it made sense for it to look different from the norm this time.

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    I enjoyed it but... having read Chibnall's 'preview' in DWM, I would struggle to describe it as epic. Lots of little things niggled me - the improbable convenience of the microwave; the opening montage & voiceover, etc (after x-hundred years, would the parts still be buried just below the surface and easily dug out in a moment?). Also, with two police officers dead, it would have been appropriate for Yaz to have at least wondered if she knew them - dare I say, like in the old days when a companion had a good first and last story, but not always much to do inbetween, it's as if they've forgotten Yaz has a job! Nice to know Nick Briggs still has a job though, lovely work from him on the Dalek!

    Bizarrely, I've really enjoyed all this run (yes, including this one despite the moaning above!!) but I can absolutely understand why some people haven't - the companions/Doctor so rarely seem in any danger, there's been too much of a swing away from simple 'alien invasion' or 'an obvious baddie' type stories, and... and to be honest, although all four regulars are really good, excellent actors, the companions don't ever seem to get enough to do. I'm hoping the good ratings won't make Chris C & co sit on their laurels when prepping S12, as it really needs to up the ante.

    And incidentally, a Happy New Year to all of you at home!

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