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    Default DALEK STREAM TWITCH From 17th February 2019!!

    Sanity prevails! The Terry Nation Estate "disapproval" with Twitch means non-Dalek Nation stories finally coming to Twitch this month, Sunday 17th.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how they react to finally seeing Tegan's leaving scene!
    And The Five Doctors is back in the run.
    I hope this promises more for the next Twitch marathon (How many times have you watched all surviving episodes back to back? Where's your joy at seeing new people get turned to his great the show can be.

    No "The Chase" though or recons. It will do!
    And you've all got back into work and used up all your yearly leave already, haven't you?

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    Ah really should have checked the spelling in the rush to post, but tonight's the night!

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