Has anyone watched any of the 3 'lost' Dad's Army episodes which were recently remade and broadcast on Gold? They may not have been perfect (it's hard to successfully recreate a cast of characters so diverse but they made a better job of it than the recent movie did) but the fact that they were working from the original scripts rather than updating them helped immensely.

In particular was the episode A Stripe For Frazer, which was animated in a similar manner to the Doctor Who animations...personally I found the newly remade episode much easier to watch (and funnier too) than the animated version, which I struggled to watch. As someone who also generally struggles with the Doctor Who animations (even though I appreciate the effort involved to bring these lost stories back to life) Dad's Army seemed like a perfect example of how to bring lost episodes of a series back to life...

Of course, remaking lost Doctor Who episodes would be a much more expensive and challenging prospect than Dad's Army. And would anyone involved in such a project be able to stick to the scripts as they were originally written, ignoring any temptations to update them to be more relevant to a modern audience?

All the same, after the Dad's Army episodes it's something I'd love to see. Am I the only one?