I notice now I've got spoiler tags back again, couldn't find the blasted things anywhere last night. So, redaction at the ready here we go...

I've been mulling all day over the 'new' Doctor from last night's episode. Is she a future Doctor who's forgotten her past, or has the present Doctor forgotten her past? The story, not to mention the olde policee boxee and its console, are pointing heavily towards the latter.

Is 'Dr Ruth' from an alternative timeline? A parallel Doctor? A "complete new lifecycle" pre-Hartnell? If it's that, is
Chibnall really doing all this just so we can look at Brain of Morbius and say that the 'Bob Holmes Doctor' was a genuine thing?

One thing I've occasionally wondered over is how the first Doctor knew so much (or indeed, knew anything) about the Cybermen in The Tenth Planet. Last night's ep had Captain Jack Exposition refer to the Cybermen empire being destroyed by something sent back in time... Who better placed than the Time Lords for that sort of behaviour? Certainly the Time Lords we saw (and, side bar, the lady who was chasing the Doctor was rather sexy) seemed a bit more interventionist and militaristic than we're used to. Is this an earlier time where the Time Lords actively warred against the Cyber Race...?

Maybe these other Time Lords, and in some way this other Doctor, existed "before time" as mentioned by the Beast in the Pit. And maybe, although the current Doctor doesn't remember that past, maybe the seventh Doctor (and
Lady Peinforte) did?

Presumably the season finale will reveal all - or maybe not, maybe Chibnall is planning to carry it over into season 13, maybe it's the 'Whittaker era story arc'?

So... any thoughts?