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    Default Doctor Who Preference Revealer

    I've just completed a Doctor Who Preference Revealer containing every story classic and new series up to last weeks episode.

    As I expected, the classic series rates higher for me than the new series does, but I would add that I really enjoy every story in the top 120

    1 - 40

    The Talons of Weng-Chiang

    The Visitation

    The Web of Fear

    City of Death

    Pyramids of Mars

    The Tomb of the Cybermen

    The Dalek Invasion of Earth

    The Dæmons

    The Moonbase


    Remembrance of the Daleks

    The Robots of Death

    Horror of Fang Rock

    State of Decay

    The Mind of Evil

    The Curse of Fenric


    The Awakening


    The Aztecs

    Spearhead From Space

    The War Games

    Ghost Light

    Image of the Fendahl

    Marco Polo

    Father's Day

    The Five Doctors

    The Mind Robber

    The Seeds of Doom

    The Ark in Space

    The Abominable Snowmen

    The Two Doctors

    Genesis of the Daleks

    The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

    Day of the Daleks

    The Seeds of Death

    Terror of the Autons

    Mummy on the Orient Express


    Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

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    41 - 80



    The God Complex

    Human Nature / The Family of Blood

    The Invasion


    Twice Upon a Time

    The Deadly Assassin

    The Green Death

    Nightmare of Eden

    The Daleks' Master Plan

    The Girl in the Fireplace

    The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids

    The Day of the Doctor

    Love & Monsters

    The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit

    The Ribos Operation

    The Massacre

    The Night of the Doctor

    The Ark

    Night Terrors

    World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls

    School Reunion

    Resurrection of the Daleks

    The Evil of the Daleks

    The Horns of Nimon

    The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet

    The Time Warrior

    The Unquiet Dead

    Black Orchid

    The Stolen Earth / Journey's End

    Mawdryn Undead

    The Crimson Horror

    Paradise Towers


    The Caves of Androzani

    Full Circle

    Fugitive of the Judoon

    The Enemy of the World

    The Unicorn and the Wasp

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    81 - 120

    The Faceless Ones

    The Doctor's Daughter

    The Time Meddler

    Fury From the Deep

    Attack of the Cybermen

    The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords

    The Claws of Axos


    The Keys of Marinus

    The Tenth Planet

    The Snowmen

    Planet of the Spiders

    The End of Time


    Face the Raven

    A Good Man Goes to War

    Four to Doomsday

    Destiny of the Daleks

    The Daleks

    The Android Invasion

    The Time of the Doctor

    The Sontaran Experiment

    Turn Left

    The Stones of Blood

    The Space Museum


    Terror of the Zygons

    The King's Demons

    The War Machines

    The Keeper of Traken

    Amy's Choice

    Vincent and the Doctor


    The Chase

    The Fires of Pompeii

    Silver Nemesis

    The Sun Makers

    Invasion of the Dinosaurs


    An Unearthly Child

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    I'm just doing this. It's going to be interesting to see the results. Most are subjective on the day and any other day might produce different rankings. A lot are really close calls.

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    Agreed. My Top 20 are pretty much settled although there may be a slight change between the final positions of one or two stories between 13 and 20 based on the odd rewatch, but after the top 20 things could easily change a little just by how I'm feeling on the day. I did do the preference revealer about a week earlier and Two Doctors was 25th rather than where it was on this one for example (32nd)

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