When I first subscribed to Britbox earlier in the year I planned to watch through the entire classic era in order, but got waylaid and jumped from one to three, a couple of four and so on.

On 1st June I started again with An Unearthly Child and watched The Tenth Planet yesterday afternoon.

Although I've been a fan since the 1970s there are stories which, "shock-horror-how-can-you-call-yourself-a-fan", I've never seen before.

I have to say that I struggled with 7 episodes of The Daleks and 6 for The Dalek Invasion of Earth (I guess I'm more used to Peter Cushing being able to wrap it all up much quicker in glorious technicolour).

Parts 2-4 of The Space Museum were a bit of a let down after part 1.

I knew the basic premise of The Ark was that they landed back in the same place years in the future but that was all I knew, and I enjoyed the trip down to Refusis.

I enjoyed The Gunfighters more than I was expecting and Hartnell was on top form in The War Machines as well (in my mind he must have used his psychic paper to get into the Post Office Tower).

You can spot when one of the actors had a week off and it's to the credit of the production and other actors that, when it's Hartnell himself, you don't necessarily miss him (and I don't mean that meanly).

It's a shame so few stories with Steven Taylor still exist, I liked his character, and I'd have liked to see a bit more of Ben and Polly.

It's been interesting to watch the character of the Doctor evolve over the era. I haven't watched any other Doctor Who since 1st June and I think that helps you become more invested in the series. It was sad to see the Doctor go at the end of The Tenth Planet, even in animation form.

Still, as the Doctor will say much later in my watchaton, the future lies this way.

Next up - Power of the Daleks. In colour!