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  • 9 Repeating Again of the Daleks

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  • 8 Reading Notices of the Daleks

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  • 7 Relocation of the Daleks

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  • 6 Remembering Better Times Of The Daleks

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  • 5 Regret of the Daleks

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  • 4 Rage at the Daleks

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  • 3 Return Unsold Of The Daleks

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    Default You Say You Want A Revolution of the Daleks Poll?

    Fingers crossed this is the poll for Revolution of the Daleks.
    Chomping at the bit, I know vBulletin don't fail me now!
    *Has to create post first before adding poll.

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    Voted 8. A lot to like, the ending for a couple wasn't as heartbreaking as I'd hoped for.
    Would have liked more Doctor in the prison.
    And good lord, Emily Mathis is now canon!

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    I really enjoyed it! Big, brash Dalek story, perfect for New Year's Day.

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    103 views and only one vote! It was the option names, wasn't it?
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    Enjoyable enough, but felt like a warmed over storyline.

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    I... enjoyed it, but it kept feeling like it could have been even better. No real 'moment' between Jack and the Doctor, Jack's departure just as voiceover - and how many times was there a shocking big reveal of the Dalek plant in Japan, three? That whole subplot sort of felt paddingy to me. The idea of seeking out Daleks to deal with the Daleks I really liked, but not much was made of it - and the new Daleks were done away with in the blink of an eye it seemed, disappointingly.

    Sad not to see Graham doing very much, I guess Bradley W may have had other commitments - and, I know a lot of people seemed to like it, but I didn't like the vision of Grace right at the end. But that's just me probably, it's one of my bugbears on TV when the do that.

    So, fun, entertaining, and nice enough - but still not 'up there' with the best. Come on Chibnall, there's work to do!!

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