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    Default Rate And Discuss: Survivors Of The Flux

    As the forces of evil mass,
    the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival
    Assume you're going to Win
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    Clearly prompted a huge amount of debate this one

    I... liked it. I see from T'witter that UNIT continuity is once again a discussion point - I'm not sure if we're supposed to assume the Grand Serpent has rewritten the past, or if he was always there, but behind the scenes, but either way I enjoyed the trip down UNIT memory lane. Nice touch with the Nick C cameo, and I especially like the strong implication that actually, by the time of Web of Fear UNIT was already in existence, meaning that Colonel L-S was there as an undercover UNIT agent!

    Also, somebody made me laugh on Twitter by pointing out that this sort of suggests that all the time the third Doctor was in exile trying to get his TARDIS working, there was another one just a couple of offices away!!!

    Glad to see some explanations coming in - we sort of know what the Flux is, enough to make the story work, and ditto the Division. Not sure quite where Swarm and Azure fit in exactly yet. Ultimately, Flux's reputation will probably now hang on whether Mr C can bring it to a satisfying and convincing conclusion in part 6. But so far, each episode has been a surprising move on from the one before, and I've really enjoyed it.

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