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    Default 2021 Tomstardis Awards

    Voting is open for the 2021 Tomstardis Awards

    You can vote by clicking here. Voting closes on the 9th January 2022.

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    So it’s the final update before Christmas. Voting is nearly at 500 and some categories are very close.

    Doctor & Companion
    Doctor – Paul McGann & Christopher Eccleston
    Companion – Daisy Ashford (Liz Shaw)

    Doctor Who Main Range
    Story – The End of the Beginning
    Writer – Robert Valentine – The End of the Beginning
    Director – Ken Bentley (The End of the Beginning)
    Music & Sound Designer - Steve Foxon (Colony of Fear)
    Cover Designer – Tom Newsom (Colony of Fear)

    Story – The Five People You Kill in Middlesbrough/The Red List/Coffee
    Writer – Yvonne Hartman (The Five People You Kill in Middlesbrough)/James Goss (Gooseberry)/James Goss (Coffee)

    Big Finish Audiobooks
    Story – Scourge of the Cybermen
    Writer – Simon Guerrier (Scourge of the Cybermen)

    Gallifrey Time War
    Story – Deception
    Writer – Lisa McMullin (Deception)

    Space 1999
    Story – Death’s Other Dominion
    Writer – Roland Moore (Death’s Other Dominion)

    Story – UNIT Dating
    Writer – Roy Gill (UNIT Dating)

    The Lost Stories
    Story – The Doomsday Contract
    Writer – John Lloyd & Nev Fountain (The Doomsday Contract)

    Story – Faustian
    Writer – Robert Valentine (Faustian)

    Story – Mother’s Day, A Very Civil War & Whatever Next?
    Writer – Sarah Grochala (Mother’s Day), Roland Moore (A Very Civil War) & John Dorney (Whatever Next?)

    The First Doctor Adventures
    Story – For the Glory of Urth
    Writer – Guy Adams (For the Glory of Urth)

    The Lone Centurion
    Story – I Rorius
    Writer – Jacqueline Rayner (I, Rorius)

    Dalek Universe
    Story – The Wrong Woman
    Writer – John Dorney (The Wrong Woman)

    The Ninth Doctor Adventures
    Story – Monsters in Metropolis & Planet of the End
    Writer – Lizzie Hopley (The Curse of Lady Macbeth)

    The Third Doctor Adventures
    Story – The Gulf
    Writer – Tim Foley (The Gulf)

    Iris Wildthyme
    Story – 666 Charing Cross Road

    Blakes 7
    Story – Throwback
    Writer – Gary Russell (Throwback)

    Jago and Litefoot
    Story – The Red Hand & A Command Performance

    The Robots
    Story – Closed Loop
    Writer – Guy Adams (Close Loop)

    The War Doctor Begins
    Story – Lion Hearts & Light of the Flame
    Writer – Lou Morgan (Lion Hearts) & Matt Fitton (Light of the Flame)

    Lady Christina
    Story - The Wreck & Long Shot
    Writer – James Goss (The Wreck) & John Dorney (Long Shot)

    The War Master
    Story – A Quiet Night
    Writer – Lou Morgan (A Quiet Night)

    The Early Adventures
    Story – After the Daleks
    Writer – Andy Frankham-Allen (The Secrets of Det-Sen)

    The Doctor Chronicles
    Story – The Day Before They Came
    Writer – Daniel Blythe (The Day Before They Came)

    The Sixth Doctor Adventures
    Story – Elevation
    Writer – Lizzie Hopley (One for All)

    The Fifth Doctor Adventures
    Story – The Lost Resort
    Writer – AK Benedict (The Last Resort)

    UNIT – The New Series
    Story – The Curator’s Gambit
    Writer – Andrew Smith (The Curator’s Gambit)

    Story – Two Monks, One Mistress
    Writer – James Kettle (Two Monks, One Mistress)

    Torchwood Soho
    Story – Rivers of Blood

    Story – Behind You/Tethered
    Writer – Roland Moore (Behind You)/Andrew Smith (Tethered)

    Jenny – The Doctors Daughter
    Story – Her Own Worst Enemy
    Writer – Lisa McMullin (Her Own Worst Enemy)

    The Fourth Doctor Adventures
    Story – The Day of the Comet
    Writer – Jonathan Morris (The Day of the Comet)

    The Diary of River Song
    Story – The Blood Woods
    Writer – Lizbeth Myles (The Blood Woods)

    That’s it for now. Just remains for me to say Merry Christmas and I’ll post an update some point after Christmas.

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