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    Default The Evil Of Fraser Hines's "Inventive Reimagining"

    While we've been waiting for the 60th specials... Frazer Hines has written a novel!
    Not just a novel but an adaptation of The Evil Of The Daleks!
    And not just an adaptation of The Evil Of The Daleks but an "inventive retelling"!
    Out on hardback and audio 26th of October 2023.

    Good on him! I've no idea what the retelling will be. No idea how much of it he wrote. (Please be more or less the entire thing!)
    But I support Fraser in his venture. First day sale. But would like to read a chapter.

    EDIT: Ignore full thread title. It's not a reimagining. That word just seemed to be everywhere.

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    I assume it's Evil of the Daleks but from Jamie's point of view. Could be interesting.

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