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    Default Rate And Discuss: The Church on Ruby Road - Christmas 2023

    Long ago on Christmas Eve, a baby was abandoned in the snow
    Today, Ruby Sunday meets the Doctor, stolen babies, goblins and perhaps the secret of her birth...

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    Not the worst ever Christmas special. Bit of Christmas fluff. Hopefully the series next year ramps it up. I don't mind hair being let down shoes kicked off fun. Ncuti Gatwa very strong showing. Hopefully when the screws turn and things get tense we get really gripping performances.
    He does panic acting quite well. And the trailer looks like we're in for some full on nuttiness next year.
    Worst Christmas special? Oh that bloody Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe!

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    I'm hoping this was just because it was a Christmas romp, but I found it all bit childish and juvenille. I apppreciate it was always a childrens show but many aspects of the show have been quite adult at times. But watching this on Christmas day, I felt I was too old for the show now.
    Having said that, I am intrigued by the mysterious Mrs Flood character who broke the fourth wall at the end. My immediate thought was that floods involve water, and so she must be River Song. If you read theories online, she is The Master, The Rani, Susan, an older Ruby etc etc. So it's anyone's guess at the moment.
    I hope season 14/series 1 (delete as appropriate) is a touch more mature in style as this new Doctor and Ruby could make a good pairing.

    Iím being extremely clever up here and thereís no one to stand around looking impressed! Whatís the point in having you all?

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    I really liked it for a Christmas episode. (Not as good as the Posiden I mean Voyage of the Damned) but way WAY better than The Return of Doctor Mysterio (which is just woeful).

    It was deffinitely a 'watch if you're half drowsey with Turkey' kind of episode.

    But as has been said, I really liked the Mrs Flood bits. Echoes of Missy/Master I think. That is the big take away from this episode. A good fluffy intro for both characters & sets up the new series so it begins running with no drag...hopefully.

    Solid 7/10.

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