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    Default Rate And Discuss: Rogue

    The Doctor and Ruby land in 1813, where guests at a duchess's party are being murdered, and a mysterious bounty hunter called Rogue is about to change the Doctor's life forever.

    The Doctor: Psychic earrings. Choreography beamed into your motor system, tap twice to choose your moves. Instant Strictly!
    Assume you're going to Win
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    Two big problems with the Childers getting into Bridgerton via TV signals: first, unless they're time travellers, they're over 200 years too early.

    Second - and far more embarrassing given how much we've heard about iPlayer and Disney+ around this series - Bridgerton is on Netflix. It's streamed not broadcast, so there aren't any signals to pick up.

    (There's an argument to be made also about how this episode is already a bad cosplay of Bridgerton, which is itself bad cosplay. It's bad cosplay all the way down.)

    Since the Childers are initially quite keen to avoid disrupting the narrative too much, you think they'd be a bit more circumspect about leaving desiccated corpses lying around where anyone could trip over them.

    And you'd think that Rogue would be an obvious target for impersonation but they barely seem to notice that he exists.

    At last we've found where the Disney+ money is going! No, not on the terrible alien costumes (or acting lessons for Ncuti) but on clearing a snippet of 'Pure Imagination' for use. Such a shame that it's now almost exclusively a signifier of childlike wonder ('Wonka') or outright parody ('Thor: Ragnarok').

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    Pretty much average. Although a fair bit of effort went into the costumes and makeup, and the Childers still manage to look just a little bit silly, every other department seems to be on autopilot.


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    I found it average. Wanted more to have been of Rogue. Have to keep remembering I had nothing to do with it's production. That's my Doctor Who curse!
    The kiss wasn't anything we've already seen in the series? Will probably be talked about more than the actual content of Rogue. But that's another video to click the dots and select "Do not recommend channel".
    Maybe it was a thought of "This time I WILL kiss every companion I make!" in this Doctor?
    Glad I've spent more of this message typing about that rather than discuss what I found average.
    So far Dot and Bubble and The Devil's Chord are my two favourites. Not sure if that registered on the polling.
    But can only go Six for Rogue.

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