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    Default Rate And Discuss: Empire Of Death

    The Doctor has lost, his ageless enemy reigns supreme, and a shadow is falling over creation
    Nothing can stop the devastation - except, perhaps, one woman.

    Mel: It's your life, Doctor. It's telling the story of your life.
    Assume you're going to Win
    Always have an Edge

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    Hello! Just me then. Yeah... That didn't land. Hopefully notes have been took for the next series.
    I'm trying to put into words what I didn't take to. A lot of it. Normally I'd be up for huge mega deaths and destruction of the universe. But it just didn't convince. The solution to Sutekh was terrible. A lot of the mysteries set up didn't go anywhere. I'm thankful it wasn't fifty odd minutes of an extreme close up of a middle finger with laughter and cash registers on the soundtrack.
    Considering that quote from RTD and Mark Gatiss about how their mentored students "Didn't understand television". That's incredibly hollow compared to how this series ended. We've had great season finales.
    This wasn't one of them. Just walk away and do something else instead! I know. I'll try.
    So... Same time next year, then everyone?

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    Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. In fact that entire series RTD bought emotion to Doctor Who.
    Now... It's too much in that way. The balance is broken!
    I wouldn't mind but there were some pretty good episodes this year. Oh well!

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    The season long (far too short in my opinion) arc of who is Ruby's mother didn't exactly pay off how I would have liked it. I was a bit disappointed that she was just an ordinary woman abandoning her baby and points to a road sign naming her daughter. As I saw on TikTok this morning, Ruby should be gateful she isn't called No Ball Games Sunday.

    Why does it always snow? Who is Mrs Flood? Why does she dress up like Clara, Rory and Romana? Hopefully those answers are to come.

    Night Night.

    Iím being extremely clever up here and thereís no one to stand around looking impressed! Whatís the point in having you all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncan View Post
    As I saw on TikTok this morning, Ruby should be gateful she isn't called No Ball Games Sunday.
    ...or William Stickers Will Be Prosecuted Sunday.

    Still fairly good, but not up to last week. One or two unanswered questions; unlike the snow, at least Mrs. Flood should be answered. I can see why they did Ruby's mum the way they did, but having her turn out to be fairly normal was an anti-climax all the same. And a very obvious reset, one which is probably the ultimate paint yourself-into-a-corner reset-by-neccessity.

    So, not so bad, but a bit more thinking about parts of it could have been done.


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