• PSAudios 3.2. Blood Money

    Doctor Who
    Paul Monk, Dave Tudor and Steve Alexander star in

    Blood Money
    By Martin Penny, produced by Si Hunt
    The Doctor lands the TARDIS on Earth, hoping to show Nick and Rob the glorious future of humanity. But when they step out into a battlefield, it becomes clear that something has gone terribly wrong with the destiny of the Doctors' favourite planet...

    The travellers soon find themselves caught in the crossfire of the long and bloody war between the Boralans, led by the bold Baron of Boralis, and their mortal enemies the Skraith. Tor Garane is on Earth too, as usual out to profit from the conflict as best he can. But what has brought the ages old war to Earth, a planet with nothing whatsoever to do with it?

    With Rob taken prisoner by Emperor Narl of the Skraith, and the Doctor and Nick entrusted with an undercover mission to win the war for the Boralans, it remains to be seen if the travellers can escape an increasingly likely fate as casualties of war..

    Episode 1

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    Episode 2

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    Bonus Features

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    The Wrath of Jemimah Kitty bonus story by Steven Alexander, read by David Barnes

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    Hilarious Out Takes

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    Cast List
    Doctor Who - Paul Monk
    Rob - Steve Alexander
    Nick - Dave Tudor
    Tor Garane - Martin Penny
    Baron of Boralis - Pip Madeley
    Emperor Narl - Antony Cox
    Captain Kane - Jonno Simmons
    Nathaniel Westbridge - Simon Hart
    Grath - Si Hunt

    Originally Released Part One Friday May 15th 2009, Part Two Saturday May 23rd 2009

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    CD Image

    • This story introduces Nathaniel Westbridge, a thespian actor from the future who provides the voice of most of the computers in the galaxy. This is a reference to the fact that all computers in the Planet Skaro Audio adventures set in the future are provided by Simon Hart, who plays Westbridge.
    • The reason for the Baron of Boralis signing up to use the Paradise Machine is revealed here - he was depressed over the war with the Skraith and the failure of his would be pop career.
    • It is revealed that Tor Garane is a member of the reptillian caste of Skraith. The other caste's of Skraith include the Evolved and the Insectoids. The Insectoids are not seen, and the other castes avoid mentioning them.

    After completing his first story, “The Paradise Machine”, Martin Penny immediately began planning a sequel. The sequel would use the characters of Tor Garane and The Baron of Boralis, who had only appeared in minor roles in his previous story.

    Penny initially planned a story called “The Man Who Sold The World”, which would have seen Rob being tricked into selling the planet Earth to Tor Garane, who planned on auctioning it off to various marauding aliens. Though this story was dropped, he kept the ‘selling the world’ idea.

    The new story, “Blood Money”, opened with the world already having been sold, and the Boralan and Skraith forces occupying the planet. The original version of the story was quite different and portrayed Emperor Narl as a man tired of the endless war with the Boralans, while Tor Garane conspired with his General to prolong the war for his own gain. The Doctor would ultimately have convinced The Baron of Boralis and Emperor Narl to put aside their differences and end the war. At this point in development, the Skraith were referred to as the ‘Crassians’.

    This idea was dropped, and instead, Penny decided that the war would end with a heroic sacrifice from the Baron of Boralis. He also decided upon the idea of an alliance between The Doctor and Tor Garane. Tor Garane’s back-story would be hinted at during his conversations with both The Doctor and Emperor Narl, the leader of his own people; the Skraith.

    The idea of the Skraith caste system, which involved reptilian, Insectoid and evolved Skraith was thought up by the writer as a way of avoiding having the whole caste do impersonations of Tor Garane. The Insectoids are not seen during the story, but Martin Penny thought of the character ‘Fnub’ from ‘Eye of the Daleks’ as being a member of the Insectoid caste.

    The story also introduces the character of Nathaniel Westbridge, a thespian actor who provides the voices of all the computers in the future. He is played by Si Hart, a reference to the fact that Si Hart had always provided the ‘Computer Voice’ in the PS Audio’s. Nathaniel’s role in the story, telling Rob what has happened on Earth, was originally to have been filled by Mills, who had last appeared in ‘The Paradise Machine’. This idea was dropped because Martin Penny felt it was one piece of continuity too many.

    Early in 2009, a new recording session was planned for April, when it was scheduled to tape "Blood Money" and "The Hand Of Peace" (the other two stories having been completed and held back during 2008). Shortly before the recording session, a new microphone was purchased which would increase the quality of recordings. The team recorded the four new episodes in Sawbridgeworth during April.

    Post-production on the "Blood Money" recordings went very smoothly. Si Hunt wanted to create a 'war torn' atmosphere for the play, as he put it "all barbed wire and bunkers". The work was completed almost simultaneously with work on "The Hand Of Peace", with the stories being completed one after the other.

    Pip Madeley produced a predominantly red cover for the story, featuring the Doctor, Rob and Nick peering over a tangle of barbed wire.

    Quote Unquote

    THE DOCTOR: It seems as though nobody can afford anything these days, including morality.

    TOR GARANE: I wonder how loud a Time Lord can scream?

    GRATH: You perceive the situation quite brilliantly, your highness.
    EMPEROR NARL: Yes, I know.


    Listener Response
    "I am not happy, I've got to wait for episode 2 of this fantastic story. So far it is one of the best I have listened to." Cyber Chris

    "A really polished production, from the general 'cleanness' of the sound, to the details that really make it work - things like the Baron being heard in the background as the Doctor & Nick talk, or the sounds of distant gunfire when we're in the Skraith enclosure. And that attention to detail extends to the performances too - the way the Doctor says, "Morality" and such things as the Baron always saying the word Skraith like it's a swear word, even when it's in the middle of a sentence.

    The script is really good too - the jovial banter of the opening TARDIS scene is neatly done so that the reality outside the doors is a real shock to the system (plus I love Nick's comment about Rob being "all about the continuity"). Even without having listened to "A Baron For All Seasons" the plot is clearly explained - not in a laboured, infodump sort of way, but dramatically and effectively. The Baron clarifying the set up when talking to the Doctor reminded me a little of the similarly effective scene in part 2 of DioE, where Craddock tells the Doctor & Ian about the Daleks. There were also some really good lines, my favourite probably being Nick's "Or can I call you Barry?"" Andrew Curnow

    "Excellent stuff once again guys, I really enjoyed that, and has been mentioned, once again the production is superb. And a special mention has to go to Jonno too, as I didn't recognise his voice at all and had to go and look on the website to see who it was." Alex

    "Laugh out loud moment:

    "Don't you know who I am ?"
    "Aren't you that crap actor who does all the computer voices ?"
    Jon Masters

    • The Skraith were originally called "Crassians" but this was changed a) to avoid confusion with the Craytians from Wealth of Craytians and b) to avoid implying that they were a race of people called Ian who were all very crass.
    • This story marks the third appearances of Tor Garane and the Baron of Boralis, as well as the introduction of Nathaniel Westbridge.
    • The Baron of Boralis dies in this story. Before deciding to kill the Baron off, Penny had planned a story called ‘The Bride of Boralis’, in which the Baron’s fiancé ended up falling in love with Nick, causing the Baron to challenge him to a duel to the death.
    • The character of Grath was not named until the final draft of the script, he had previously been referred to as simply ‘Narl’s aide’, but Martin Penny decided he featured in enough scenes to warrant having a name.
    • The cover for this story is red, in fact it is redder than any other PS Audio cover.
    • Martin Penny had Tikka Massala shortly before completing the last revisions to the script.
    • Martin also had the honour of being responsible for the first ever out-take made before even arriving at the recording, as the text message he sent asking Si Hunt to pick him up disrupted an early scene.

    Edited Scene
    The following scene was edited prior to release. It occurs at the end of the story:

    ROB: I don’t think there’s much hope to be found in this era Doctor.

    NICK: Yeah, I thought the future would be a time of peace, with things like war forgotten. But it looks like some things never change.

    THE DOCTOR: I’m sorry I brought you both here, but I think, in times like this – amidst all the chaos and death, there are still admirable things to be found in ordinary people. Like a soldier fighting for his family’s freedom or a friend risking his life for another.

    NICK: And the Baron.

    THE DOCTOR: Yes Nick. The Baron of Boralis gave his life to save the people of this world, and his own – all he wanted was to end a destructive war, and he was willing to die for his people.

    NICK: I’m just sorry he had to die…do you think he was afraid?

    THE DOCTOR: The Baron of Boralis? No, he knew what he needed to do, and he was proud to do it. I wish I could have shown the two of you a brighter future…

    ROB: Life isn’t always perfect Doctor, I’ve learnt that.

    THE DOCTOR: All we can do is learn from things like this, come along, let’s try and find some hope.

    Existing Material
    All raw material, effects and other files exist for this story.

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